Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Catching Spirit Bear Litspiration Post

In the beginning of the book, the author portrays cole to be this mean and abusive person who wants to be feared by everyone, and at the part where we are in the book, he starts to be less aggressive. This is one thing I would look for if I was in Cole's justice circle, to see if Cole actually changed. Like when Edwin, an elder, does the demonstration with cole, he says that cole would be throwing fists if he got pushed before the island, then after he didn't and it proves the cole has changed. Although it is true evidence, it is only one little piece of evidence that doesn't necessarily proof that he has changed for the better. If I was to decide to see if Cole changed, I would need more proof that he has changed mentally, like how in the book, when he was in jail, he said that he just says what everyone wants to hear, so in this situation what ever Cole says I would not believe. In the YCJA, it says that once a person has not completed the program, then he or she can be put back into court, but since Cole hasn't failed the program, he is still technically allowed to go back to the island. When the person from YCJ committee came to talk to us, she said that the victim gets a little say in how the offender gets to be punished, so I think that Peter should gets a little satisfaction of knowing that he gets justice for the things Cole has done to him.

Friday, March 7, 2014

GINS Mini Challenge

I had to find a quote from the GINS book that I read, and the best one that I could find was the quote up above.
I chose this quote because I believe that this quote is very important because it is crucial for people to think that they are not just some useless thing taking space on this planet. People need to realize that they are not alone, and they are loved by many people, and you can't just through away your lives. I chose this word art because I didn't know a good background to use, so I just used a plain colored background. I didn't know how to show the quote, so I just tried to change the word fonts so that it makes it a lot better. I also changed the words so that it is more dramatic and interesting.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Exploring Sympathy (Bite of the Mango)

When I wake up, I have no hands at all but Since I can do a lot of things with out hands I live my life normally.. After I get ready, which is very hard, but not impossible, I have learned how to do things without the. I eat with all of my family members and friends. Later I would beg on the streets with my cousins, to make some money so that our family can actually eat. The first couple of days since I had my baby, things were difficult but I was able to over come these obstacles with the help of everyone close to me. Since I beg with my baby with, I have been gaining more money because they feel bad for what I have to live with, but they don't know that it actually isn't that hard. With the help of my cousins, we have managed to keep him alive. After a few months of looking after my baby, I went into the drama/theatre that is in my neighbourhood and have mad many new and amazing friends that can relate to what I have been through because they have the same disability as I do. Going there everyday with my new friends have made me open up my eyes and see the big picture, that no matter what life throws at you, you may not be able to do it alone, you will always have people that still care for you and will help you along the way. Also that you are never alone no matter how lonely you feel, you just have to get up and open your eyes. Several of weeks later after joining the theatre, I had the greatest opportunity that anyone in my neighbourhood would only dream of, going to a different, better country. I was able to go to London with a nice lady after I did some interviews with her and her company. I was able to go to London because they have a program that allows people like me and my cousins who are disabled because of the rebels a chance to thrive and start a new life. This was the greatest moment in my life, I was able to have a fresh start in life, and have all the things that we would not normally have in my country. Because of this opportunity I have gotten, I was able to have all the things that I didn't even think about or even care about.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Creating a World Wide Charter

For one of our assignments for humanities, everyone had to get into groups of 3 or 4, and start brainstorming what a "World Charter" would look like. Once we got our groups, my group started to just brainstorm what each of our books that we have read were about. Things like what was going on in the book, and what we thought we needed to change. After, we used the Charter of Rights and Freedoms to get some ideas of what our Charter should be. In the Charter, we went over what we think that our book would need to be a better place. Then we started to think what would happen if someone who lives in Canada would move to a different country like Africa or Asia. Our group didn't really argue about what should be on the charter, because we would take everything someone said and change it up so that it would fit with what we wanted the charter to look like. I had some ideas that I wanted to put on the Charter, but I didn't have enough time, and I am pretty sure that is the same for all of my group members. We only had 50 minutes to try to create a charter for the world. This is what my groups charter looks like, our charter was mostly based of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, but some of the other topics were what we think our charter needed;

(Our charter and our brainstorming ideas)

Books we Read:
Shaken- Noah
Lunch With Lenin- Peter
Bite of the Mango- Me (Garrett)
Red Midnight- Ivan

Key Points from our Books

Democratic and Political Rights
  • The right for individuals to Help Make Political Decisions
  • Government to help in times of trouble no matter what person (also equality rights).
  • Decisions made by the government should help everyone in the society, no democratic or political discrimination
  • If more than 85% of the population is unpleased or hates the government, they have the right to vote for a new leader

Equality Rights
  • Everyone has an equal amount of living rights.
  • Everyone has the same opportunities.
  • Although everyone has the freedom to express their thoughts, they are to avoid using discrimination.
  • No Matter where you move, you shall be treated with respect as a human being

Fundamental Freedoms
- Everyone has the freedom to express their thoughts peacefully not through war or violence, not to be terrified into not expressing or saying anything is wrong or they want change.
- Religious laws still apply to each country.

Legal Rights
  • Lawmen and Women, have to watch out for children and make sure they avoid selling, making and using drugs.
  • Lawyers have the right to not be threatened or intimidated into not helping their clients.
  • If you have committed a crime and fled to another country, the laws of the country you have fled still apply to you until the court decides if you are guilty or not.

Mobility Rights
  • If citizens feel unsafe in their living area due to war, gangs and rebels. They have the right to flee to new living areas without any obligation for the government.
  • Anyone moving from one country to another must gain the permission of another country and to be free of any illegal activity or crime.
  • Everyone has the right to make a living wherever they go
  • Everyone has the right to be in a safe and controlled workspace, and not to be forced to work without pay.
Language Collective Rights
  • Everyone has the right to be educated in their official language anywhere in the world based on the amount of minority language spoken within the population.
  • No one has the right to turn someone down if they wanted to be educated in their language IF they meet the criteria.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014


There is “The Constitution of Sierra Leone", 1991. It is very similar to the "Charter of Rights and Freedoms". Some of the many things that the Constitution of Sierra Leone covers are;
-Security, peace and welfare of the people are the responsibility of the government, police of sorts
-The motto of Sierra Leone is Freedom, Justice and Unity
-Discourage discrimination on the grounds of place of origins
            ~Sex, religion, status, ethnic or linguistic ties or associations 
-Protect the right of any citizen to engage in any economic activity
-Every Citizen shall have equality of rights, obligations, and opportunities
-Conditions of work or service are fair, just and humane
-Health, welfare and safety are safeguarded
-Care and welfare of the aged, young and disabled shall be safeguarded
-Ensuring every citizen is given the opportunity to be educated to the best of his or her ability.
-Promotion and protection of National interest
This isn't all of it, I was only on page 9 of 81 of the Constitution. If the Charter of Rights and Freedoms were applied, there may not be a huge difference, because the Charter is very similar to the Constitution of Sierra Leone. There may be things that the Charter has that the Constitution doesn’t have, but the right or freedom is still covered a little bit by the Constitution. The only thing that would make a huge difference would be the idea of Democratic Rights because it made me wonder that out of the 9 pages that I read, not once did it talk about the right to re-elect or vote for a new government, like in the Charter of Rights of Freedoms, under Democratic Rights. The constitution of Sierra Leone is not exactly like the Charter, there are somethings that don't get like the Mobility rights or the Democratic Rights (or at least it didn't go over it)

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

GINS/Consumerism Mash-up

In Sierra Leone, their scarcity problem isn’t really being met; they don’t have money to buy what they want. They don’t have the luxury items that we have in the “first world country”. They have the materials and labour to get what they want, but each village is way too poor to get anything fancy or nice. The government controls all of the money that they have, and their economy isn’t good enough to import things like 100-dollar watches, or IPods/IPhones, even though they have mines full of diamonds. In Sierra Leone their economy is definitely a planned economy, because they don’t have really rich, doing good, kind of business to really affect what happens to the country. The people of Sierra Leone have little to no opinion on how to solve scarcity; they barely have money to buy food. The only place that is safe (away from the rebels) is the city where the government is.

In Canada, we have really good social plans, like senior pension plan and free health care; the people in Sierra Leone don’t have those kinds of plans. They barely even have hospitals (they only have 1). Even though they don’t have social plans, they don’t have to pay taxes, like we do, they don’t even make income. They don’t have the things we do in Canada, we have nice homes, good income, social plans, etc. but people in Sierra Leone have the exact opposite life. The taxes that we pay in Canada go towards roads, health care, and a lot of other things to benefit us. It didn’t really say where the money goes, but I’m guessing that all the money that the Sierra Leonean government makes go towards making their own little city/town better, not other villages or towns. The taxes that the government makes, makes the whole city of Calgary and province better, where in Sierra Leone, the government doesn’t really put any money to make the villages a better place.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Pursuit of Happyness

In class we watched a movie called "Pursuit of Happyness" (and yes that is how they spelled it).

I thought that this movie was kind of sad, because the main character, "Chris Gardner" has a really rough life. He has to take care of his little son and feed his wife, son and himself. Later in the movie, it just talks about his life and what he had to do for the next 4 months or so, and then when everything was going great, and he was "happy" something happened. The stupid government of America took all of his money (600), which in his case could set him for life. They took away his money and I felt kind of angry and sad, because I believe that the government shouldn't be able to just take away someone's money, especially if he makes below minimum wage. Near the end of the movie, I felt a lot happier and was glad that he got the job and got the life he always wanted, but I thought that this sort of thing should have happened a lot sooner to people like him or not even happen to anyone. At the end, when I was thinking about the movie, I was disappointed and mad to know that fact that in America, lots and lots of people are homeless, and the government doesn't do anything to help them. The theme of the movie, that I thought it was, is that you can't give up on life. You have to keep striving to have a "happy" life, and you will go through ups and downs in your life, but you have to choose to keep going.